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Author:PetuniaCreated:6/1/2008 8:45 AM
Hey, Everyone! Here's my Blog about things I've done in our yard and gardens. Watch for updates and new pictures as I have time. Feel free to comment, and I'd love to see pictures of YOUR lawn and gardens!!

Well it is June already!  180 degrees difference than last year with all the rain.  I have not really had to add or replace  much in the yard this year since we had such a mild winter.  Each year I try to pay attention to an area of my yard.  The lucky winner this year is The West Side Median area between the side walk and street.   Wish me LUCK on that one. 

 I hope to have some new pictures up soon to let you see the changes the trees have made in the back yard.  The trees are really taking over.  It will not be long until I have to think about shade loving plants.   

Send me pictures of your yards.  I would love to see them! 

Tip: Plant Marigolds in your landscape.  It is suppose to keep away mosquitoes and other bugs.  I have a pot on my patio and I believe it is working.  Until next time! Stay Cool Tressia/TJ


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